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    Affiliate Step-By-Step Guide

    Quick guide for Affiliate to get started

    If you are a new user who wants to get started as an affiliate, this is a quick guide for you to catch the overview of the app and make the most of your resources in order to launch the best promotion campaign.


    First Step: Register

    First of all, you have to register and to create an affiliate account. You can do that here:

    1. Sign in your account

    When being approved, you will receive a notification email including the affiliate login link. Sign in your account using the email and password which are used to sign up, you will access your affiliate account.

    For login, you can also go to our website at Register Affiliate Page here:

    2. Get started with affiliate account

    Your affiliate account would look like this:

    *Notice: Only after the Merchant clicks Active from the Merchant page/Affiliates, the Affiliate can receive a notification email and log into the Affiliate account.

    You can change the language.

    You can notice all necessary data including Commission total and status and according to graphs through periods. Affiliate can adjust the time span to show specific data.

    There are two ways for affiliates to promote your shop: through affiliate links and coupon codes (not activated now).

    At the Dashboard, you can click to copy your own affiliate link or coupon to share and send it to customers. You can also generate a referral link for a specific product or add any custom link as long as it exists on your site (one important note is that you can use any link from your web to share with customers, but affiliate link must end with an affiliate parameter so their performance can be checked)

    Any orders resulted from that link will lead to a commission.

    On the first time getting to know the system, you should explore from the bottom tab to the top (recommended):

    2.1. Click on Guide tab to read that Guide;

    In case we want to inform you about an important note, our team will announce through the Guide section.

    2.2. On Settings, you can complete your personal details so the Stigma Watches Support Team can know you better, then click Save changes to save your updates:


    Especially, in order to get paid, you need to provide your payment details so the Stigma Watches Team can process payment. Click on the Payment tab to add payment information.

    We accept only Paypal as a Payment Method, so you have to fill up with your e-mail account so you can get paid and then click on "Save changes".

    2.3. On Marketing tools, you can approach the collection of media assets that our Marketing Team provides in order to help you promote our shop better.

    The promotion media are in form of images with link (optional) so you can download, get embed code (to add on your website) and push them on your promotion channels.

    2.4. You can keep track of your earning and payment status on Commission and Payment tab.

    At Commission, you can notice the situation of all commissions recorded for you (Approved/Rejected/Paid or Pending). Please click Detail to see more information about that conversion.

    2.5 On Dashboard, you can approach your Affiliate link (which is auto-generated by our system when you are approved), Affiliate coupon (in case we assign you with a coupon). Moreover, you can observe your overall performance on Dashboard including Commission amount, Clicks, Orders and Sales.

    3. Get resources for promotion

    There are numerous promotion resources that are provided for you to boost:

    •  Affiliate link

    The affiliate link is shown on the Dashboard, which is the first thing you see when you log in to your affiliate account.

    Whenever a customer clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase (or tracked by cookie), the affiliate will get commission upon program rules set by the merchant.

    Besides the auto-generated affiliate link, you can also generate a specific link for a specific product.

    You can also get a shortened link (Bitly link) to make the link more minimalized. Plus, social sharing buttons are visible and super handy for you to share on your social accounts.

    •  Coupon code (if available)

    Each affiliate can be assigned with one or multiple coupons. Copy the coupon and insert it on your promotional content, whenever a customer buys and applies the coupon, the affiliate will get the commission.

    •  Media assets

    As mentioned before, the affiliate can approach banners, logos, or other images that are shared by the merchant, you can then publish them on your channels in order to create more appealing affiliate content.

    4. Start your role

    After understanding how the system works, you can now start working as an ambassador. Below are the most popular and reportedly effective ways to boost your affiliate campaign:

    Design landing page

    The landing page is the bridge from visitors visiting the site to making the actual conversion, so building an appealing landing page is crucial to increase conversion rate. Answering questions: Why visitors need the product? What’re the key benefits when using the product? How does that product stand out from the rest? Why should visitors take action now? ...You are half-way there to convince your visitors to click, buy, or act in some way.

    Social media boost

    In order to work on social media as an influencer, firstly, you need to update your social profiles by creating an engaging bio and switch to a business account.

    Posts on social media can be in the form of text, photo, or video, depending on each social platform that you need to create and post relevant content. Especially, You need to formulate a content strategy and use a mix of content types, preferably the ones that your audience will most like.

    For example, some influencers keep their feed to focus on just their chosen fields and do not mix work posts with posts about their personal life.

    Moreover, putting the promotion product elegantly on your post would both increase the effectiveness and avoid annoying your audiences with blatant advertisements.

    Create promotion video

    Video marketing is becoming a popular method for influencers and affiliates to do their work. The percentage of time people spending on watching videos is increasing over the years. Also, video is the type of content that has the most engagement among all the content types. Influencer video marketing has various forms and each influencer chooses their own way to put the product into video content, the most trendy video content types these days are How-to videos, Music videos, Vlogs, Unboxing videos, Funny videos,...

    Blog promotion

    Affiliates choose their own ways to promote affiliate campaigns, and using blog posts is a promising one. This method is for a website that has a large number of visitors or well-known site with valuable contents.

    Using blog post, you can mention the product as well as insert a link to the destination website so visitors can get more details (remember to insert a link with your own tracking code so you can observe your performance).

    Running Ads

    Running Google Ads and Facebook Ads would be the fastest and most direct way to approach potential customers. But as running Ads, you spend money in exchange for conversion by customers, this method is likely more suitable for professional affiliates who are already having a proper amount of capital to maintain their Ads cost before actually getting commission back.

    5. Keep track and get Paid

    After making sales, you will able to keep track of your performance right on your affiliate account through graphics charts showing the total number of clicks, orders, and sales you’ve made on Dashboard.

    On Commission tab, you can see your earnings and commission details as well as their status (approved/denied/pending).

    When a commission is paid, you can view payment details and the list of paid commissions on Payment tab.

    In case you have any questions while using promoting, you can reach us for support by sending an email to our support team which is shown on the top right of your account.


    If you still have any question, feel free to contact us at



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